About Us

Here’s the deal – we’re landlords just like you, and we got really frustrated with dealing with the whole leasing and application process. Managing emails, figuring out which tenant is which, site inspections, crazy people on craigslist. We know it, because we’ve been there too.

You post ads on craigslist, only to get spammed and get strange messages from people who just waste your time.

You need your own house site inspected, just so you can run a credit report.

You need to keep your rental applications for 5 plus years, just to meet basic regulations.

So one day we decided to make something WE would use. We didn’t need something with all of the fancy bells and whistles that costs a fortune. Just something simple that would be perfect for managing the initial marketing, application and screening process. Something we could give to our friends, and something we could use ourselves.

That’s how RentApplication.com was born. We use it on our own rentals, and we hope you’ll use it too.