Best Online Real Estate Schools in Texas

Real estate is a fantastic field to enter into, but for some, attending classes in person is simply not a feasible feat. That being said, there are some truly wonderful options for online real estate classes that prepare you for the Texas real estate license exam as it is administered by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

The Texas Real Estate Commission sets forth very stringent standards for their agents and works to make sure that every real estate school is teaching real estate courses that fit the guidelines set forth. TREC works to make sure that each new real estate agent is prepared to meet the unique challenges that come with being a sales agent and passing your exams. The schools featured here were chosen for their ability to product students that meet the standards of the commission and that are going to be a distinct benefit to the real estate business.

Quick and Well Organized: Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent offers a six course, 180 hour real estate agent degree that affords you the chance to get your license quickly and with minimal stress. They provide you with the skills and the knowledge that you need to be able to ace your licensing exam and get your license in the state of Texas. For those that do have a day to day that does not allow for traditional classes, this is a great option as you can learn at your own pace and at whatever times you have available. This is a fantastic school for those pursuing their salesperson apprentice education (SAE).

As far as real estate school goes, this school does offer a wide range of resources that are aimed at success. They offer clear and concise classes, easy to user interface, and provide you with the right information to pass your licensing exam the first time. Classes like Principles of Real Estate and state specific laws for the State of Texas make it possible to learn what you need to learn and then move on to take your test. Pass rates for this online school are high and most former students state that they passed their exam on the first try. This is a fantastic school if you are looking for something that can be completed in your down time and that has a ton of great information that is going to work to help you to pass your licensing courses and real estate courses in general.

Classes at Your Own Pace: Real Estate Express

This is another fantastic school that allows you to find the courses that are going to work for you. They teach students through various learning modules that can be purchased and completed one at a time as it is convenient for the user. Their goal is to help those that want a real estate career achieve just that. The school was started in 1996 and they offer both pre-licensing and post licensure courses. They also offer the chance to upgrade your license and to continue your education. They offer the preparedness courses that you need to take the exam and also offer state specific courses that help you to learn the laws of the state of Texas.

They offer all the foundation courses that are needed to help you get your real estate license and to be a fully productive and successful real estate agent. They offer exam prep and offer free PDF text books to help you succeed in all your courses. They have an easy to use online interface with all the real estate courses and resources that you need to be successful. They also offer you the chance to have other resources after you pass your exam so that you can keep learning and so that you can keep your license current. If you do live in Texas and want to become a Texas real estate agent you can search for courses near you to complete your real estate education.

Great Support and Great Classes: OnCourse

OnCourse offers a range of different resources and classes including those for new agents,  current agents looking to upgrade their license and even those that want to become a real estate broker. They are fully compliant with all rules and laws of the state of Texas and the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and are also going to be able to offer you the resources to help you take your tests and pass. They have a great support team that is ready and waiting to help you work through any technical issues you might have or through any issues you have with the courses. They have over 50 years of service and create unique online classes that are sure to fit your needs no matter where you are in your career or learning journey.

Content is varied and is accessible at all times of the day so you can work through the content at your own pace. They offer courses for new licenses, continuing education, post license courses, appraisal courses, and home inspection licenses as well. They also have student reviews, webinars and other resources to help you stay apprised of all current rules and regulations that might be changing in the state of Texas. Courses may include topics like law of contracts, law of agency, real estate finance and more all in anticipation of getting you ready for your real estate exam.

Online and In Person Classes: Kaplan Real Estate

This school offers a range of options in terms of courses and resources to help get your career off the ground. They have classes that are structured and they offer in person, online and home based study depending on your needs and on what you are capable of doing. Courses are taught by professionals that are both former and current in the real estate market. Courses include the principles of real estate as well as state law specific content for Texas. You can take both in person and online courses and Kaplan will help you find in person courses near you.

They offer exam prep, courses that teach the basics of real estate as well as classes that help to prepare you for the laws that are specific to your state. Kaplan is one of the most trusted resources in real estate sales agent education in both online and in person courses. They offer a huge range of services that make it easy and enjoyable to complete your Texas real estate license degree. For those looking for a flexible and effective process, Kaplan offers some truly great courses that are going to help you to learn what you need to in order to pass your exam and become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas.

Real estate school can be a truly rewarding career move. It does take time and effort but with the right school for your needs and for your particular goals you can become the agent that you have always wanted to be. Any of the schools listed are fantastic when it comes to becoming a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas according to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). These courses will work to help keep you apprised of legal update, will provide practice exams, pre-licensing courses and so much more.