Best Towns to Live in Maryland 2016

MarylandBeing part of the Mid-Atlantic region, Maryland was one of the thirteen colonies controlled by the British prior to the Revolutionary War in the United States. Maryland joined the Union in 1788, becoming the seventh state to be admitted. Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, and Baltimore is the largest city. If you want to make Maryland your home, here are the best towns to consider.

Our ratings were compiled by combining census, education, wealth , happiness  and internal RentApplication data to create a unified rating system for all of the towns in Maryland. Ranked below are the top towns. 

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#1 Frederick 


Frederick is located in Frederick county and has a population of 66,646. Residents tend to have a higher education level, while the poverty rate is below the national average at 10.8%.

#2 Ocean Pines


Located in Worcester County, Ocean Pines has a population of 10,727. This town has a very low poverty rate at 5.5%, and 89.6% of the residents own their own homes.

#3 Easton


Easton can be found in Talbot County, and the population is 16, 541. The home values in Easton are high, and the unemployment rate is low at 4%.

#4 Ocean City


Another town located in Worcester County, Ocean City has a population of 7,093. The poverty rate here is low at 6.2%, and 92% of the residents have at least a high school diploma.

#5 Hagerstown 


Hagerstown is located in Washington County. It has a population of 40, 295. 31% of the residence have at least some college eduction, which is higher than the national average.

#6 Salisbury 


Located in Wicomico County, Salisbury has a population of 31,334. The unemployment rate here meets the national average, and the median rent meets the national average as well.

#7 Cumberland


Cumberland is located in Allegany County, and it has a population of 20,557. A majority of the residents in Cumberland own their homes, and the town has the benefit of being located on the Potomac River.

#8 Cambridge

Located in Dorchester County, Cambridge has a population of 12,511. Being a town on the Choptank River, the town is great for people interested in fishing and boating.

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