Best Towns to Live in Massachusetts 2016


Having joined the Union in 1788, Massachusetts became a manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution. The state now largely manufactures computers and electronics. Massachusetts is home to Plymouth, which was the first colony in New England. The capital, Boston, is also a rich historical center as well as the largest city in the state. If you’re seeking a home in Massachusetts, find the best towns in the list below.

Our ratings were compiled by combining census, education, wealth , happiness  and internal RentApplication data to create a unified rating system for all of the towns in Massachusetts. Ranked below are the top towns. 

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#1 Newton


Newton is a town in Middlesex County, and it has a population of 86,945. The town has an unemployment rate of 4% and a poverty rate of 5.6%, which are both below the national average. These rates are a positive sign for the town’s economy and for the residents who live here.

#2 Waltham


Also located in Middlesex County, Waltham has a population of 61,908. The median home value is more than double the national average at $411,400. Waltham has the benefit of being located less than thirty minutes from downtown Boston.

#3 Framingham


Located in Middlesex County as well, Framingham has a population of 69,900. The unemployment rate here is 5%, and the poverty rate is 11%. Framingham is a town that dates back to 1700, giving it a rich history from as early as colonial America.

#4 Barnstable Town


A town in Barnstable County, Barnstable Town has a population of 44,750. In the town, 95% of the residents have at least a high school diploma. Barnstable Town is located on the Atlantic Ocean for people who enjoy boating and fishing.

#5 Pittsfield


Pittsfield is located in Berkshire County and has a population of 44,226. For renters, the median rent here is $762. Pittsfield is a town that promotes both Arts and culture, evident by its government owned Lichtenstein Center for the Arts.

#6 Montague Town


Located in Franklin County, Montague Town has a population of 8,394. The median home value here is above the national average at $200,100. For residents who enjoy the outdoors, Montague Town is located between the Connecticut River and the Montague State Forest.

#7 North Adams


A town in Berkshire County, North Adams has a population of 13,563. For renters, the median rent price here is $672. North Adams is home to the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, which influences the community’s culture.

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