Best Towns to Live in New Jersey 2016

New Jersey

Originally one of the thirteen English colonies, New Jersey is located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. New Jersey has various beaches and seaside resorts on the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it a large center of tourism. With its place on the Atlantic Ocean, the Garden State is a major shipping center as well. Its capital is located in Trenton, and the largest city is Newark. If you would like to live in New Jersey, here are the best towns you will find there.

Our ratings were compiled by combining census, education, wealth , happiness  and internal RentApplication data to create a unified rating system for all of the towns in New Jersey. Ranked below are the top towns.

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#1 Lebanon Township

Located in Hunterdon County, Lebanon Township has a population of 6,507. It has extremely low crime rates, and the medium income levels are high at $108,516 per household. The town has a beautiful rural landscape as it relies on an agricultural community.

#2 Jefferson Township


Jefferson Township can be found in Morris County, and it has a population of 21,443. The town has a low poverty rate at 4.7%, and 91.9% of the residents own their own home. The town has both parks and lakes, which make it great for outdoor activities.

#3 Ocean City


Located in Cape May County, Ocean City has a population of 11,520. The town has a low unemployment rate at 3.8%, and the home value is well above average at $566,400. Ocean City prides itself in its more secluded beaches, which aren’t overcrowded with resorts and tourists.

#4 Newton


A town located in Sussex County, Newton has a population of 7,999. The home values are high here at $227,300, and the crime rates are below the national average.

#5 Hammonton


Located in Atlantic County, Hammonton has a population of 14,796. The poverty rate here is low at 8.5%, and the town has low property and violent crime rates. According to the city’s website, Hammonton prides itself on its schools’ commitment to academic excellence.

#6 Vernon Township


Another town located in Sussex County, Vernon Township has a population of 23,168. Household income in Vernon Township is above national average at $87,707, and the poverty rate is low at 5.6%. The town is filled with both federal and state parks, including a stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

#7 Hardyston Township


Also located in Sussex County, Hardyston Township has a population of 8,126. The town has high education levels as 96% of the residents have at least a high school diploma. The poverty rate is also low at 3.8%.

#8 Holland Township


Located in Hunterdon County, Holland Township has a population of 5,243. The town has a low unemployment rate at 3.5%. The home ownership rate here is 91.8%.

#9 Franklin


Franklin is located in Sussex County, and it has a population of 4,994. The town has a home ownership rate of 70.7% and a median home value of $212,400.

#10 New Brunswick


A town in Middlesex County, New Brunswick has a population of 55,804. The home value here is above the national average at $240,700. It is bordered by the Raritan River and is home to Rutgers University.

#11 North Hanover Township


Located in Burlington County, North Hanover Township is home to 7,655 people. The town has a low poverty rate at 4%. The residents also have a higher education level with 93% of them at least having a high school diploma.

#12 Plumsted Township


Plumsted Township is located in Ocean County and has a population of 8,490. The home values are high at $310,300, and the median household income is above the national average at $74,938. Plumsted Township maintains a rural setting for its residents.

#13 Washington


Located in Warren County, Washington is home to 6,439 people. Washington residents have higher income levels. The median individual income is $36,057, and the median household income is $55,547.

#14 Lakewood


Another town located in Ocean County, Lakewood has a population of 51,944. Lakewood has a low unemployment rate at 4.3%, and median home value is high at $396,000. The town is home to the Lakewood Blueclaws minor league baseball team and offers boating on Lake Carasaljo.

#15 Little Egg Harbor Township


Also found in Ocean County, Little Egg Harbor Township is home to 20,339 people. 84.5% of the people in Little Egg Harbor Township are home owners, and the homes are valued above the national average at $229,900. The town is located at the mouth of the Mullica River.

#16 Atlantic City


Located in Atlantic County, Atlantic City has a population of 39,521. The median home value is above the national average at $201,600. This town is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and allows you to enjoy both gambling in its casinos and swimming on its beaches.

#17 Trenton


Trenton is located in Mercer County and has a population of 84,459. The median rent in Trenton is $991. It is the capital of New Jersey and is within a hour driving time from both Philadelphia and New York City.

#18 Vineland 


Located in Cumberland County, Vineland has a population of 60,985. 66.9% of the residents in Vineland are home owners. The town borders Union Lake and is within half an hour of Delaware Bay.

#19 Salem


Salem is found in Salem County, and it has a population of 5,045. The median rent in Salem is $850. Salem is the county seat of Salem County, and it borders the Salem River.

#20 Bridgeton


Also located in Cumberland County, Bridgeton has a population of 25,252. The median rent in Bridgeton is $969. Bridgeton is a small urban community that is split by the Cohansey River.

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