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Best North Carolina Real Estate Schools and Courses

With the number of North Carolina real estate schools available, it can be hard to know which one to choose for your education. Fortunately, we’ve listed the top five right here. You can get a good education so you can pass your real estate licensing test.

1. Superior School of Real Estate

Superior School of Real Estate

At Superior School of Real Estate, you can get an education recommended by a high number of brokers who take their continuing education credits there. Laugh and learn along with Bill Gallagher and other great instructors, who are dedicated to making learning fun. The school has a high pass rate of 75% for the state exam, as well, so you know you’ll be getting a great chance of a new career on the first try. Whether you’re young and just starting out, or a senior looking for a new career, you can get the education you want, need, and deserve at this school.

2. J.Y. Monk Real Estate School

J.Y. Monk Real Estate School

Students who attend the J.Y. Monk Real Estate School can get more than what’s offered at a lot of other schools. For example, the school offers all the standard classes for salespeople and brokers, along with continuing education courses. But it also offers education for contractors, appraisers, and home inspectors. Additionally, it’s powered by — and affiliated with — Kaplan Learning, so you can get continuing education in accounting, insurance, and a lot more than just real estate. If you’re just trying to get your real estate license that might not be important, but if you decide to expand your career it’s nice to have options.

3. Carolina School of Real Estate

If you’re looking for pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses all in one place, you can find what you’re looking for at Carolina School of Real Estate. You can also get online courses there, so you don’t have to spend time in the classroom to get ready to take your licensing exam. The school offers classes for both salespeople and brokers, giving students the chance to advance their careers in the future if they want to move from being salespeople to passing the broker test. If you want to take the salesperson licensing course in person, there are weekend and evening courses that can fit your schedule.

4. The NC Real Estate School

At The NC Real Estate School, you can get online options, along with evening classes for pre-licensing and post-licensing educational needs. If you’re already an agent, you can study to be a broker. If you haven’t yet become an agent, you may be looking for a new career. Everyone from those who are just starting out to seniors who may have already retired but want to stay active can study to be real estate agents. Courses are offered in the evenings, so they won’t interfere with a day job or other obligations. Of course, getting the knowledge you need online can also be a good choice for those with busy or unpredictable schedules.

5. Dream Weaver School of Real Estate

Dream Weaver School of Real Estate

Following your dreams of being a real estate agent is important. With Dream Weaver School of Real Estate, you can head out confidently in the direction of those dreams. The school offers pre-licensing and post-licensing options, along with continuing education courses on a convenient schedule. There are no online courses, and everything is classroom-based. For those who learn well in that environment, attending class in a physical location can be the right choice. It helps to emphasize concepts and makes the overall learning experience more interactive and complete. That can lead to a higher pass rate when taking the test.

Can’t decide which school to choose? They’re all good options, depending on your physical location and whether you want to take classes in the classroom or online. Some people prefer to stay home and get through their coursework on a time frame that works for them. Others want the interactive experience of being in the classroom with other people. Both can work very well, and it’s up to you which one feels right. No matter which school you choose, though, you’re sure to get a quality real estate education.

Best New Jersey Real Estate Schools and Courses

Getting your New Jersey real estate license can mean getting started on a great new career. But before you’re ready to take that test, you need to work your way through a licensing course. Then you can be prepared for the questions you’ll be asked, so you can get your license and start practicing your craft. With any of the five schools listed here, you’ll get a quality education you can rely on as you prepare for your state exam.

1. Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy

As a  valuable source of education for real estate, Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy has a lot to offer. They go beyond basic requirements for passing the state exam and receiving a license, to give their students more to work with when they start their careers. Classes are in-person only, and there are four different locations throughout New Jersey. By giving students the opportunity to learn in a real-world, in-person environment, students are able to ask questions and get the quality education they deserve. That can help them prepare, and have a higher chance of passing the licensing test on the first try.

2. The Real Estate School

At The Real Estate School, students have two different learning locations to choose from. All courses are taught in the classroom, without an option for online learning. This gives students the chance to interact with their instructor and other students on a one-on-one basis, and can help ensure that all concepts in the course are clearly understood. This school has been helping students succeed since 1976, and offers a set schedule of courses that are guaranteed to run, even if only one person signs up. Students can rely on the course schedule and information taught by the school’s instructors.

3. Connection School of Real Estate

When a student enrolls at Connection School of Real Estate, they get access to an online learning portal and textbook as a part of their course. There are two different locations to choose from, so attending the course is more convenient. The learning portal offers lifetime access, allowing students to return to their course material for a refresher at any time. Additionally, there is a mobile app offered for real estate math and terminology to help students get through the course and continue to succeed once they have passed that course. Both a salesperson and broker course are offered by this school.

4. Central Jersey School of Real Estate, LLC

Getting an education through Central Jersey School of Real Estate, LLC means getting quality, value, and convenience. There are both day and evening classes, so you can attend whenever is easiest for you. There is a two-week licensing course offered, along with the help and support you need to succeed. Interacting with the instructor and other students in a classroom setting means you can more easily digest the material, and can get your questions answered quickly if anything is confusing. There are no online options offered through the school.

5. Best School of Real Estate

At Best School of Real Estate, students learn in a classroom setting where they can get questions answered and address any concerns they have about the material. The school offers pre-licensing courses for brokers and salespeople, as well as continuing education courses. Career advancement seminars and private coaching sessions are also provided for real estate agents. There are evening and day courses offered, in order to give students the education they need at days and times that work for their schedule. The school also offers a course on recession real estate and distressed property.

With so many options for real estate schools in New Jersey, there’s sure to be one that will work for you. Most of these schools have in-person classes only, as getting licensing education through online means is far less common in this state. With the stringent requirements the state has, it is often safer to attend classes in person and fully absorb all the material that will need to be retained for the test. However you decide to get your real estate education for New Jersey licensing, though, there are many great schools to choose from.

Best New Mexico Real Estate Schools and Courses

The real estate field is a rapidly growing and changing industry. For this reason, there are a lot of people who are looking to get involved in this industry in New Mexico. Those who are looking to earn a real estate license in New Mexico should rely on an exceptional school to get them ready for a career in this field.

1. The Mesa Real Estate Institute

Image result for mesa real estate institute

The Mesa Real Estate Institute is one of the top real estate schools in the state of New Mexico, providing in-person classes. This school offers classes that will help someone earn both their initial license as well as accomplish various continuing education requirements. This school is known for working hard to make sure that all of its coursework remains up to date as the industry changes quickly. Furthermore, this school also goes the extra mile and allows individuals to take courses that will allow them to become a broker. They even offer classes in real estate electives. The class is known for tailoring its courses to meet the needs of its students without breaking the bank. For this reason, the Mesa Real Estate Institute has become one of the top real estate schools in the state of New Mexico.

2. Lou’s Professional Education Services

Another option for real estate education in the state of New Mexico is called Lou’s Professional Education Services. This office is located in Albuquerque; however, people also have the option of taking the various classes online. This program has already been highly recommended by countless successful real estate agents because the teacher tailors the coursework to be applicable in a real-world setting. This allows the students to not only prepare for the licensing exam but also prepare for a long and successful career in real estate. The classes are reasonably priced and cater to individuals who are both trying to earn their licenses for the first time as well as those looking to complete continuing education requirements.

3. The Real Estate Institute of Las Cruces

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This is a real estate school that creates courses drawing on instructors that have decades of experience in the industry. While this institute is based out of Las Cruces, the school also allows people to take their classes online, meaning that people can earn their licenses from anywhere. This office offers classes both in the pre-licensing area for those looking to earn their initial license in addition to courses that are necessary for people to maintain their licenses. The classes are taught by highly experienced teachers who will help students prepare for the licensing exam as well as their career in real estate.

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education in New Mexico


Almost everyone is familiar with Kaplan, as they are one of the leading names in higher education. They also offer courses in real estate that will help everyone earn their license in the state of New Mexico. They offer courses both online and in-person, even though their in-person courses are going to be a little bit more expensive. From the date of purchase, individuals will have six months of access to the course materials, which should be more than enough time for people to work their way through the required classes. Those who are looking to pass the exam for the first time will enjoy a high success rate with this battle-tested educational organization.

5. Van Educational School

Van Educational School

Van Educational School is well-respected across the country as one of the top real estate schools in the country. They have an office in New Mexico; however, all of their classes are offered through an online portal, so students can complete the work from the comfort of their own home. They offer the required pre-licensing coursework in addition to courses that are dedicated to exam prep and classes that will help agents complete their continuing education requirements. The courses have been tailored to help students pass the exam in as little time as possible. This school has a tremendous amount of experience in helping countless students earn their real estate license in New Mexico and has instructors that are available both by phone and email.

Best New Hampshire Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you’re looking for a new and exciting career as a New Hampshire Real Estate Salesperson, there are a ton of options for completing the required 40-hour coursework required for licensure. Unfortunately, the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission requires that all coursework be completed in-person, so there are no online options available. However, our top 5 Real Estate Schools and Courses listed below offer a variety of locations and schedules that provide you with the flexibility and convenience to take the first steps toward the Real Estate career of your dreams.

1. Verani School of Real Estate

Verani School of Real Estate

The Verani School of Real Estate offers the 40-hour pre-licensing course for prospective Real Estate Salespersons in 10 sessions that can be taken at your leisure, with options for morning or evening courses. Program director, Monica McGillicuddy, has over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate business, and all of the instructors are active Real Estate professionals in New Hampshire. Because the Verani School of Real Estate offers an interchangeable class schedule and has a packed course schedule for you to choose from, you can just choose the class and location that’s convenient for you.  The program prepares students for both the national and New Hampshire portions of the real estate exam, and students can take as many review courses or even repeat lessons of the pre-licensure course, as many times as they want within a year of the first course they take.

  • Locations in Moultonborough, Bedford, Belmont, Concord, Hampstead, Londonderry, Nashua, or Portsmouth
  • 40-hour prelicensure course available over 10 in-person classes, day or evening schedules
  • Can retake any course as many times as you want for free within a year of your first class
  • NH Licensure Cram Sessions available to help you prepare for the pre-licensure exam
  • Offers NH Reciprocity courses for Real Estate agents licensed in select states to prepare for the New Hampshire portion of the licensing exam

2. New Hampshire Real Estate Classes

New Hampshire Real Estate Classes

New Hampshire Real Estate Classes by Aldrich and Associates features a state-accredited program that covers the 40-hour pre-licensure course requirement. They offer a flexible day or evening schedule of courses in Portsmouth, NH. Shannon Aldrich is a real estate agent and certified by the state of New Hampshire as an instructor for the pre-licensure course. Also, she is a Keller Williams Realty certified instructor, who can take you from getting your license to closing your first deal. The New Hampshire Real Estate Classes also offers two online study courses for the National Exam and the New Hampshire Exam that can be taken at your convenience.

  • 40-hour pre-licensing course offered day or evening at their Portsmouth, NH location
  • All course materials provided, plus extras to help you study for your exam
  • Can retake any course as many times as you want for free within a year of your first class
  • Additional online study courses to help you prepare for the National and New Hampshire portions of the exam

3. Anne Flanagan NH Real Estate School

Anne Flanagan NH Real Estate School

Anne Flanagan holds master’s degrees in business and education, has over 20 years of experience as an investigator for the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission, and holds a New Hampshire Real Estate broker license. Her live Pre-license Salesperson course offers a flexible schedule, where you can start any time at a location that’s convenient for you. Additionally, you can complete any of the 10 courses in any order, at any location. It doesn’t get much more flexible than that! Here’s what to expect at Anne Flanagan NH Real Estate School:

  • 40 hour live in-person pre-licensure coursework over 10 classes
  • Take courses in any order, at any time – finish quickly or take your time
  • Choose any location at any time: Bedford, Concord, Londonderry, or Nashua
  • The course includes textbook, study guide, and NH state content

4. Barry School of Real Estate

Barry School of Real Estate

Jim Barry, master “EduTAINER,” has been a licensed real estate broker since 1962 and brings his incredible breadth of knowledge to students of the Barry School of Real Estate with humor and personality. Offering not only the 40-hour prelicensure course for the New Hampshire Real Estate Licensing requirement but the Barry School also offers opportunities for networking, real estate materials, as well as two exclusive books on New Hampshire Real Estate principles for both salespersons and broker licenses.

  • 40-hour pre-licensure course is divided into modules that can be taken in any order
  • Locations in Concord, Bedford, Nashua, and Meredith
  • Morning, evening, or weekend class opportunities
  • Guaranteed to pass your exam the first time, or you can re-take any portion of the 40-hour course for free within 4 months from when you enroll
  • No pre-registration required, just show up at a class and enroll

5. Kathy Roosa School of Real Estate

Kathy Roosa School of Real Estate

The Kathy Roosa School of Real Estate offers expert instruction by Kathy Roosa, who has over 35+ years of experience teaching and helping prospective real estate salespersons. She is also certified as an NH Special Education instructor and offers hearing-impaired instruction as well. The 40-hour pre-licensure course is taught over 7 weeks and offered every two months at their Manchester location. In addition to the required coursework, Kathy Roosa offers a weekend “crash course” for exam preparation within each course period that covers all the material covered during the 7-weeks of classes, as well as strategy, test-taking, and questions and answers.

  • 40-hour accredited pre-licensure course in preparation for the NH Real Estate Salesperson licensing exam
  • The 7-week course begins every 2 months
  • Classes are held on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings in Manchester
  • Exam preparation “crash course” held during each 7-week course, specifically geared towards acing the licensing exam.

Best Nebraska Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you live in Nebraska and are looking to work as a realtor, you need to have a minimum of 60 hours of pre-licenses courses to become a real estate salesperson. If you intend to become a real estate broker, you must take a total of 180 hours of pre-license courses for brokers. You must also pass the exams for a real estate salesperson or broker, depending on which career path you choose. There are several good schools for taking these classes in Nebraska. Here are the top five.

1. Randall School of Real Estate (Omaha)

Larabee School of Real Estate

The Randall School of Real Estate is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded in 1973, they have 56 courses in real estate so you can get your real estate license. Most classes are held in the evenings twice weekly with the occasional class on Saturdays. They offer the necessary pre-license courses and test prep courses for students who want to become realtors, both salespersons and brokers. They offer continuing education for realtor license renewal and appraisers. They also offer mathematics courses for those who have difficulty with their math skills.

2. Mark Weber’s REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate (Online, Classroom, Tutoring, and Hybrid — Omaha)

Mark Weber's REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate

Mark Weber’s REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate is located in Omaha, Nebraska and offers classroom, online, tutoring, or a mixture of all three to pre-licensed realtors. This school has become popular with many students because of the flexibility in learning. They offer exam prep courses and brokerage courses, as well as online continuing education classes that are available anytime. They hire tutors who will help train students to ensure the students learn the fundamentals. Students can repeat classes as long as they need to until they achieve their license. They offer courses for  both real estate salesperson and broker licenses.

3. VanEd, Van Education Center: Online Nebraska Real Estate License School (Online)

Van Educational School

VanEd offers online courses certified by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). They offer two different courses: the 60 hour Complete Nebraska Salesperson Licensing Package and the 180 hour Complete Nebraska Broker Licensing Package. They also offer separate courses to students. The basic 60 hour package is all most prelicensed realtors need to obtain their real estate license in Nebraska, but the 180 hour Nebraska Broker Licensing Package is required if you wish to become a broker. The cost for the salesperson package is $390, and the broker package costs $1099. All classes are done online.

4. Metropolitan Community College Nebraska (Omaha)

Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College offers several courses in Omaha and surrounding areas that are aimed to fulfill the 60 hour course requirements to obtain a real estate salesperson’s license and 180 hours to obtain a real estate broker’s license. Metropolitan Community College does not offer a degree in real estate, but does provide the training necessary to obtain your licenses. Classes are taught by adjunct faculty and include real estate principles, real estate law, real estate finance, building and property management, real estate sales and brokerage, and real estate appraisal.

5. Larabee School of Real Estate (Online)

Larabee School of Real Estate

The Larabee School of Real Estate offers 24 hour/365 days a year access to their courses online. Since you work at your own pace, you don’t have to finish according to a set schedule. This makes the Larabee School of Real Estate ideal for those who work full time and must take classes in their free time. As a bonus, you can also take classes for certification in other states, not just Nebraska. They also offer exam preps to get you ready to take your exams.

Best Nevada Real Estate Schools and Courses

Nevada has become the hottest market for residential and commercial real estate. Thus, it’s smart to have a number of schools available to study how to become a licensed real estate broker and take advantage of this growing industry.

When it comes to choosing the best real estate school, you must do extensive research before making a selection that fits within your course requirements. Often, real estate students want to attend a school that offers an exceptional curriculum in real estate licensing, continuing education in other real estate-related industries, broker licensing and test course preparation.

In Nevada, you have several options available to assist with gaining a lucrative, rewarding real estate career. Let’s try to showcase the best real estate schools and courses in Nevada. Choosing the right school is an important first step to your future in the real estate industry.

1. Key Realty School

Key Realty School

One of the more popular real estate schools in Nevada is the Key Realty School. Many believe it’s because of the curriculum and different styles of teaching offered. All students receive a class schedule that is conducive to their own personal commitments. All classroom meetings are designed to be simple and clear, so each student is ready to excel with their classmates. This is accomplished by providing them a textbook and binder filled with class notes, updated real estate vocabulary list, reference materials and practice quizzzes free of charge. All of these materials are excellent resources to help students pass their licensing exams. Also, Key Realty School offers job placement to their students as many of the positions are contingent upon them passing their licensing exams.

2. The Real Estate School of Nevada

The Real Estate School of Nevada

The Real Estate School of Nevada is one of the longest-running schools in the state. Past students have built solid careers in the real estate industry that has changes their lives forever for the better. Each new student is guarantee assistance in learning pre-licensing, post-licensing and other continuing real estate education courses. All of the coursework and classroom meetings are designed to fit around any person’s busy schedule as each student can choose from live or online instructon. All online content can be accessed through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plus, all students can gain access whenever and wherever they like to study.

3. The ABC Real Estate School

ABC Real Estate School

Established in 1996, the ABC Real Estate School is one of the leading institutions in Nevada. Most of the teachers hold a brokerage license in multiple states and have been involved in the Nevada real estate industry for over 30 years. Each student receives online access to their study materials, an updated version of all real estate terminology, other class notes and multiple practice quizzes. All of the materials provided is designed to assist a student with passing the Nevada real estate licensing exam. The course curriculum allows students to study at their own pace, which allows them to absorb the materials better. Teachers are available to answer questions during office hours set according to their own schedule.

4. Avalon School of Real Estate

Avalon School of Real Estate

If you’re looking for great insight and some guidance in how the real estate industry functions, then begin your studies at the Avalon School of Real Estate. The curriculum provided offers the right type of education to excel inside a real estate office. It’s a comprehensive course program that guarantees a student to feel confident heading into a licensing exam. Past student’s testimonials profess the belief that investing your time in the program will provide all a rich future in the real estate industry. This aids well for those living in Nevada as the real estate market is rich.

5. UNLV Four-Year Real Estate Program

University of Nevada Las Vegas

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas offers two real estate degree programs. To pursue either major, a student must fulfill the school’s academic requirements outside of their major area of study. The curriculum is under the umbrella of the UNLV College of Business Studies. The courses provided will help students to pass their real estate licensing exams. Some of the more popular courses taken are in the area of real estate development, which helps students to learn more about how environmental, economic and legal issues adds to the land development industry.

Best Montana Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you live in Montana and want to become a realtor, you must first complete 60 hours of pre-license real estate courses and pass an exam to get your real estate license. Montana is primarily a rural state with a population of under one million people, so there are few real estate schools. Even so, if you want to earn your real estate license, you have options for attending your pre-license real estate courses. Many of the places that offer classes are actual associations of realtors and not necessarily schools with regular classes. This may be frustrating for you if you’re looking for a brick and mortar classroom setting or more options when it comes to online training, but it’s important to note that the number of schools supports the number of new students in Montana’s real estate industry.

Here are the five best real estate schools and courses in Montana.

1. Connole-Morton Real Estate School (Missoula and Billings)

Connole-Morton Real Estate School

Established in 1977, Connole-Morton Real Estate School is a school for pre-license real estate courses and insurance courses. Over 20,000 of their students have passed their exams. All classes are live and there are no night classes. You can earn 4 credit hours with the University of Montana in Missoula through these courses. They offer a guarantee where if you don’t pass the exam, you can retake the courses free. Class locations include Missoula and Billings, Montana. They no longer offer continuing education classes to focus on their pre-license real estate courses and curriculum.

2. Montana Property Education (Helena)

Montana Property Education

Montana Property Education offers classes in pre-license real estate courses, most taught by Sarnen Steinbarth a State of Montana Board of Realty Regulation approved course instructor. He offers training in pre-license, broker, and property management real estate licenses. Montana Property Education’s pre-license real estate course is affiliated with the Connole-Morton Real Estate School. Classes are live and there is no online training.

3. OnCourse Learning — Real Estate (Online)

OnCourse Learning -- Real Estate

OnCourse Learning has had over 750,000 students earn their real estate licenses. This is an online school where you can learn at your own pace and the pre-license classes are accredited with the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). Their classes are specialized for each of the 50 states, so it is possible to earn your license in other states as well as Montana. The cost of the classes are $316.00 for the Montana Real Estate Pre-licensing Platinum Solution and $273.60 for their Montana Real Estate Pre-licensing Gold Solution. Both courses are 60 hours with the Platinum providing an extra Montana Real Estate Exam Prep: State-Only.

4. Montana Board of Realty Regulation (Various Locations)

Occasionally the Montana Board of Realty Regulation lists pre-licensed classes offered by different realtor associations, including the Helena Association of Realtors. These classes are not regularly offered and you have to check the board frequently for dates when these classes are scheduled. They recommend that you check with your local realtor associations to find classes in your area. They often list classes not only for people looking to become realtors, but also continuing education for realtors.

5. Montana Association of Realtors (Various Locations)

The Montana Association of Realtors offers education for pre-licensed students and continuing education classes for realtors. At times, they may not have classes for obtaining your license, so it is important to contact them to see when they will be offering their next pre-license courses. Their continuing education classes are offered in Missoula, Bozeman, Big Sky, and Billings. Other classes may be offered in other areas depending on which association of realtors offers classes.

Best Mississippi Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you live in Mississippi and want to get a real estate license, you’ll need to pass an exam. Before you do that, you’ll also need to take a course. But where should you do that? Here are five of the best courses and schools in Mississippi, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

1. Real Estate Training Institute

At Real Estate Training Institute, you can get a quality education in five different physical locations or online. Standard real estate licensing courses, broker licensing courses, and continuing education options are all available. There are also free exam reviews, exam tips, and other items offered by the school. When you take their courses, taking your real estate exam is included.

Whether you choose to learn online or in the classroom, you can get your schooling, take and pass your licensing test, and have access to a number of free resources along the way. It’s a great option for ease, convenience, and the ability to work through everything in one location.

2. Mississippi Realtors Institute

At the Mississippi Realtors Institute, you’ll get the benefit of a school that’s been working to educate people in the real estate industry since 1973. All of the instructors are professionals, with biographies listed on the school’s website. You can take classes online or in person, and you can choose from a wide variety of options. The school offers continuing education courses, along with real estate salesperson and broker courses.

Additionally, you can train to be a home inspector through this school. That’s a benefit that many other real estate schools don’t have. Whether you want to go to classes in a physical location or you’d rather learn at home, you’ll have the options you need here. You’ll also get study tools and a review for the state exam, so you’ll know if you’re prepared before you take the test.

3. Bob Brooks School

Bob Brooks School

Next on the list is the Bob Brooks School. This school offers both real estate and insurance courses online. It can help you with classes, continuing education, resources for pre-licensing exams, and more. Since it’s all offered online, it’s easy and convenient to get your real estate salesperson education. While you’ll have control over your own schedule, you’ll also have support to help you if there are confusing concepts or you have questions about the material you’re learning. The school has 48 years of experience in adult education, and includes all the reading materials in the price of the course.

4. Success Real Estate School

Success Real Estate School

Looking for success in the real estate world? Look no further than Success Real Estate School. The school has a number of physical locations throughout several states, as well as online options to consider. You can take a look at the calendar on the website to see if there’s a class near you at a convenient time. If not, you might want to explore the options for attending real estate classes online. That can be done conveniently, and on your schedule. Continuing education is also offered, and the school has years of experience teaching people how to get their real estate license.

5. Real Estate University

If you want to take classes for your first license, you need post-licensing classes, or you’re focused on continuing education, Real Estate University can help. It offers both weekend and online classes, so you can get the education you need and want at a time that’s convenient for you. If you’re in the Gulfport, MS area, a pre-licensing class is held every month. Living in other areas of the state won’t stop you from attending school here, though, with the online classes options that make getting your real estate license very convenient.

Ready to get your license and start selling real estate? Any one of these five schools can help you with online and in-person locations throughout Mississippi. No matter where in the state you live and what kind of career you have right now, you can get the classes you need for a real estate license. Then you can move toward a new career you can really enjoy and appreciate for the long term.

Best Missouri Real Estate Schools and Courses

We found you the top five real estate schools in Missouri, so you can get a quality education and pass your licensing exam. Whether you want to go to school in person or you’re looking for something online, there are options for you to choose from. Here are the schools to consider.

1. Career Education Systems

Since 1980, Career Education Systems has been dedicated to helping their students find the success they’re looking for in the real estate world. More than 100,000 students have been helped during that time, and you could be among the next group of students to get their real estate education. There are salesperson and broker licensing classes available, along with continuing education options and the opportunity to attend school online. For many busy people today, going to school online is far easier than attending in person. With so many options from this school, you can get the new career you want.

2. Real Estate School of the Ozarks

Real Estate School of the Ozarks

At Real Estate School of the Ozarks, you can get a Missouri real estate education in a way that works for you. Not only do they have broker and salesperson training, but they’re affiliated with a partner that offers online courses. If you want to learn real estate and appraisal, you need continuing education, or you’re just ready for a new career as a real estate salesperson, this school has what you’re looking for. Class times are convenient, and if you’d rather attend from the comfort of your own home you can get the same quality education that you’d get in the classroom. The choices are up to you.

3. KW Real Estate School KC

Attending school at KW Real Estate School Kansas City gives you the skills you need to become licensed as a real estate salesperson. Training Magazine has rated this school number one in the world, and it’s the largest one in the U.S. Class schedules are convenient, with options for day or night school. If you’re looking for individual tutoring, you can also get that here. You can learn from trained professionals, and get access to agents and their resources so you can learn even more about your new career. This school is classroom-based only, and doesn’t have online classes for real estate licensing.

4. Professional School of Real Estate

At Professional School of Real Estate, you can get a quality education as a real estate salesperson both online or in the classroom. Pre-examination and continuing education courses are also offered, so you can do everything in one place. From taking classes, to getting your license, to continuing your education to meet requirements, you can get it all from this school. If you start out online and decide you want to attend in person — or the other way around — you can easily switch between the two options. That helps ensure that you get the type of education that works best for your style of learning.

5. 1st Choice Real Estate School

1st Choice Real Estate School

Both courses and study aids are offered at 1st Choice Real Estate School. While there, you can get the education you need to get your license, or to meet continuing education guidelines. You can also take classes to become a licensed broker, or take a 24-hour practice course so you have the confidence to take the test and pass it the first time. If you’re a licensee from out of the state and you’re moving to Missouri, this school also offers the state licensing exam for people who aren’t residents. That’s helpful for people moving in, and also for those who live in another state but want to also sell real estate in Missouri.

No matter which of these great schools you choose, you can get the quality and value you deserve for your real estate education. It’s not always easy to decide on the school that will be right for you, but it’s good to have options. Whether you want to go to school online or you learn better in a classroom setting, there will be ways you can get the education you want and need to get your Missouri real estate license and start on a new career.

Best Minnesota Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the field of real estate within the state of Minnesota you will want to make sure you find a college that fits your wants and needs while also giving you the tools, education, and experience you need to be successful. Here are 5 great programs to consider, highlighted and outlined here for you in no particular order:

1. Continuing Ed Express – Real Estate Program

Continuing Ed Express

  • Local instructors have decades of experience in real estate within the state of Minnesota and are prepared to teach a wide range of state-specific courses.
  • Continuing Ed Express Real estate staff experts are ready to help students maximize their education in a  challenging yet beneficial way in order to prepare them for the real world.
  • These courses are fresh, exclusive, and interesting and are designed to take a student from introductory level skills to a real estate professional by graduation.
  • No need to spend years on filler courses; take only the classes you need for real estate certification and licensing within the state of Minnesota.
  • Register for the program today, start at any time you are able to, and complete the entire course and certification on your schedule, taking as long as you need.

2. IREM Education


  • In IREM, Students are free to take a course online or in the classroom, and there are classes for all skill and experience levels within the real estate industry.
  • You will be given all the tools, training, education, guidance, and information you need to become a leading real estate expert in the state of Minnesota.
  • Sign up for workshops and training sessions in person or online through state-of-the-art webinars so you can learn on your time and in your way.
  • Work with experts in local real estate right from the start and learn the ins and outs of local laws, regulations, markets, industries, and customers.
  • You are free to focus on specific aspects of the real estate industry or maintain a general overview of the industry as a whole if that is what you prefer.

3. Kaplan Real Estate Education


  • Online OnDemand Courses give you the freedom to learn on your time when it is convenient for you and your schedule, giving you control of your education.
  • Live Classroom sessions are also available in Kaplan Real Estate Education to ensure you do not miss on valuable face to face interactions and discussions with instructors and peers.
  • Online Instruction brings the elements of a classroom setting and brings it into the comfort of your own home with specially design real estate programs.
  • Professional local real estate personnel lead classes and struct students in all program areas ensuring you are prepared for what real estate is like in the state.
  • A name many trust and reputation that proceeds the courses, this is a great opportunity to break into the ever-growing world of real estate in Minnesota.

4. St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University

  • Students can focus their education into a specific real estate niche such as sales, marketing, appraisal, financing, property management, insurance, and more
  • St. Cloud State University‘s coursework and hands on work are used to prepare students for real world situations in the field of real estate in the state of Minnesota.
  • Internships, membership in real estate groups, access to successful local agents helps bring course work to life and emphasizes real world applications.
  • Annual opportunity for pairing with a Real Estate alumni and the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one mentoring by experts within the profession.
  • A more in depth approach and a stringer understanding of local markets, laws, niches, trends, and cycles in order to prepare for a future career in real estate.

5. University of St. Thomas

University of St. Thomas

  • University of St. Thomas is a known and respected university in the state and proudly offers 2 Real Estate Degree programs students can choose from.
  • It’s a medium sized private university in a large city, giving students access to smaller class sizes within a thriving education and business market in the state.
  • Students are able to choose from focused majors including residential or commercial real estate, financing, inspection, construction, and many more.
  • All students get a general overview of key real estate topics such as law, local marketing, licensing requirements, and management.
  • High success rate for graduates of the St. Thomas program with many finding successful careers in real estate within the state of Minnesota.
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