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The 30 Best Universities for Real Estate Studies

Real estate is a constantly changing industry that holds a lot of opportunity for those looking to launch a career. At one time, real estate was an industry that anyone could enter easily and with very little training. Now that over half of all wealth in the United States is invested in real estate, with the industry responsible for over 8 million jobs, that is changing. Education and a solid understanding of best practices are necessary for real estate professionals who want to contribute positively to the industry. What do you need to get started?

  • Accreditation and Certificates: Many schools offer certificates and accreditations that give students a foundational understanding of real estate practices. These programs are great for students who want tfo start working right away in entry-level development and brokerage positions. Some of these programs are state specific, so make sure you choose one that will allow you to work where you want to.
  • Undergraduate Programs: Some universities offer undergraduate degrees in real estate while others offer business or finance degrees with a real estate concentration. These degrees are great for launching a career or continuing on to further schooling. The business or finance focus of each degree will give you a good understanding of which industries and positions the program will best prepare you for.
  • MBA’s and Advanced Degrees: These degrees put you on the fast track for high-level executive jobs in the real estate and financial investment sectors. Many of them also include coursework in economics and urban development, making them a good choice for those who may want to enter into government fields.

This information should help you get started on your search for the right university for your real estate education. When choosing a school, be sure to keep your goals in mind. Which sector of the real estate industry you want to work in will affect which school and which program is right for you.

1. University of California at Berkeley


This prestigious institution offers an undergraduate degree in real estate through the Fisher Centre For Real Estate and Urban Economics. The program has a high level of student satisfaction and consistently ranks as one of the top three real estate programs in the country. Students studying here also have the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Real Estate Club, where they can hone their professional skills and network with professionals in the industry.

2.Washington State University


Washington State offers a B.S. in Business Administration Real Estate through the Carson College of Business. This college is accredited by the Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which as an accreditation held by less than 5% of business schools worldwide. The program offers lots of opportunities for networking and career assistance.

3. California State University


California State offers a B.S. in Business Administration with a real estate focus. The program is offered at their Fresno, Fullerton, Los Angeles, Northridge and Sacramento campuses, giving students lots of locations to choose from. All of the university’s locations regularly rank very high among public universities in the US for both academics and student satisfaction.

4. Marquette University


Marquette University offers an undergraduate degree in Real Estate that focuses on practical applications in the industry. They also stress the importance of ethical practices in real estate, and the accountability real estate professionals have to residents and businesses using developed space.

5. Colorado State University


Colorado state has an undergraduate program in real estate that is offered through their Everitt Real Estate Center. They provide a high level of student support through the center, including a large amount of career assistance upon graduation.

6. Indiana University


Indiana University has an undergrad program in Business Administration Finance with a real estate concentration. The degree is offered through the Benecki Center for Real Estate Studies, which offers a good level of student support by helping them to gain experience in their industry.

7. University of Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin offers both undergraduate degrees and an MBA program in Real estate. They are the home of the James E. Graaskamp Centre for Real Estate, where students can make professional connections within the industry. These programs have an international scope and a focus on social responsibility in the real estate market.

8. University of Connecticut


The UConn School of Business Center for Real Estate is ranked #1 in the United States for real estate research. It is among the top 10 undergraduate real estate programs in the U.S., with the center acting as a professional resource for those already working in the industry. The program focuses not only on real estate business practices, but also on urban economics.

9. DePaul University


Despite being a relatively small school, the DePaul business program is very well ranked on a national level. The program has a highly professional focus, and surveys have shown that both recruiters and alumni rate the school very highly. The Princeton Review ranked the program in the top 25 nationwide for potential entrepreneurs. The program has a heavy focus on financial success, investment and industry analysis.

10. Virginia Commonwealth University


Virginia Commonwealth University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate. The program combines a mixture of accounting, general business courses, real estate specific courses and high-level finance. It is very practical, focusing on building concrete skills that serve graduates well in a rapidly changing industry. The ultimate goal is to provide students with the knowledge they need for professional licensing and designations.

11. University of Texas


The University of Texas offers a B.S. in Business Administration with a real estate concentration through their Naveen Jindal School of Management. The program is offered at many different campuses, including Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Arlington. Many of their classes can be used to fulfill requirements for the Texas Real Estate Commission’s licensure program.

12. University of Northern Iowa

This is the only real estate program in Iowa, and they offer a B.A. in Real Estate through their department of finance. The program has a very practical lean, focusing on real-world skills that will help students function well as professionals in their field. Because it’s the only program in the state, this school has a strong connection with the Iowan real estate industry, making it a great place to form professional connections.

13. Southern Methodist University


Southern Methodist University offers an undergraduate degree in real estate through the Robert and Margaret Folsom Institute for Real Estate. The program has a wide focus, encompassing academics, research and community outreach. The school’s location in Dallas makes it a great place to find professional connections, since Dallas is a major center for real estate holdings.

14. University of St. Thomas


The University of St. Thomas is a small university that offers solid business foundations along with a series of specializations. Students can earn a B.S. in Real Estate where they will gain knowledge on specialized subjects like urban development and government assisted housing law. The school offers internship opportunities, as well as the option to join their Real Estate Society and build professional connections that way.

15. University of South Carolina


The University of South Carolina offers a B.S. in Business Administration Real Estate through their Darla Moore School of Business. Darla Moore has a very good reputation as a business school, particularly their international MBA programs. The undergraduate real estate program focuses on investment, analysis and urban economics, while also giving students the opportunity to study international business practices.

16. Clarion University


Clarion offers a B.S. in Business Administration Real Estate, as well as a Letter of Completion in Real Estate Appraisal and a Letter of Completion in Real Estate Brokerage. Their undergraduate degree is offered online as well as on campus, making it a convenient choice for students who don’t wish to relocate. The program combines field projects and in-class academics to give students both practical and theoretical experiences.

17. Florida State University


Florida State offers an undergraduate business degree with a major in real estate. The program aims to help students enter the mortgage banking industry as well as real estate brokerage and investment, giving it a highly financial focus. Students have access to the Real Estate Society as well as the FSU Real Estate Network for the purposes of career development and networking.

18. University of Miami


The University of Miami offers an undergraduate program for business majors in real estate, as well as a unique MBA/Bachelor of Architecture joint degree program. Students save about a year of schooling using the combined program to get both degrees at once. Real estate undergraduate programs at the University of Miami have a heavy focus on different markets and the particulars of working within them.

19. Temple University


Temple University’s real estate undergraduate degree is offered through the Fox School of Business, a highly ranked and well-regarded business school. The program leans toward the financial sector, with students studying analysis of investor and lender perspectives. The university has it’s own professional organization, known as the Temple Real Estate Organization where alumni, professionals and students can network freely.

20. Portland State University


Portland State offers an undergraduate certificate in real estate as well as a master’s degree in real estate development. Their master’s program is very unique, offering a focused approach to the development side of the real estate industry in a way that no other school does. They have a strong community built around the program, which gives them plenty of opportunities for their students to interact with the professional world.

21. University of Cincinnati


The University of Cincinnati offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate that combines general business knowledge with real estate specific course work. Their cooperative education program allows their students to gain relevant work experience while also earning credits toward their degree. Students are also given opportunities to study in fields that impact the real estate industry like geography, civil planning and construction.

22. Cleveland State University


Cleveland State offers an undergraduate business degree with a focus on real estate, as well as both undergraduate and graduate certificates in Urban Real Estate Development and Finance. The certificates are quite unique, offering plenty of opportunities for students to get first-hand experience along with their regular coursework. All of these programs are taught through the Pal J. Everson Centre for the Study of Real Estate, which has a very good reputation for cutting-edge research and professional networking.

23. New York University


NYU offers a wide variety of undergraduate degrees and certificates in the field of real estate through both the Schack Institute of Real Estate and the Furman Centre for Real Estate and Urban Policy. The university’s location in one of the real estate capitals of the world makes it a good place to launch a career in the industry, especially if students take advantage of the many internship opportunities available.

24. Thomas Edison State College


Thomas Edison State College offers a variety of certificates and accreditations that are aimed at working adults. The college offers many of their degree courses entirely online, and students who are looking to start their career quickly will find what they need at Thomas Edison.

25. University of Nevada


The University of Nevada has a B.S.B.A. program with a real estate focus that is taught through the Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies. The institute produces great research in the field of urban real estate development and provides opportunities for students to meet people working in the industry. Just like NYU, the university’s location in a city where real estate and development are constantly the focus of much economic attention makes it a great place to launch a career.

26. University of Nebraska


The University of Nebraska offers an undergraduate degree in Real Estate and Land Use, a unique program they have been offering for over 50 years. The focus of the program is very practical, meant to assist students in functioning well in careers in private real estate, government and investment.

27. Eastern Kentucky University


Eastern Kentucky University offers undergraduate finance programs with a real estate focus, as well as several certificates and professional development courses. The professional development courses do not specifically require a degree, making them a great choice for those already working in the industry who want to hone their skills. Students can train in real estate sales, real estate law, or a career in the mortgage and estate industry.

28. St. Cloud State University


St. Cloud University describes their undergraduate real estate program as the most diversified in the midwest. Students are exposed to many aspects of the real estate industry, including business, finance, law and brokerage. They offer plenty of internship opportunities, as well as a student association that can help launch a career. Members of the students association, known as the Real Estate Association, can even compete in an annual competition put on by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.

29. University of Michigan


The University of Michigan offers a Bachelors of Business Administration, an MBA and a PhD program in real estate. The faculty are well respected professionals who publish regularly in the Real Estate Economics Journal, which is published by the University of Michigan. Students study both practical industry skills and macro economics in urban development.

30. University of Baltimore


The University of Baltimore offers a B.S. in Real Estate and Economic Development, as well as a specialized law degree in Real Estate Practice. The former has an interesting partial focus on the large-scale effects of land development from an economic perspective, while the latter is unique in it’s level of specialization.