Best Florida Online Real Estate School

In the U.S., individual states regulate real estate salespeople. States want to be sure that real estate sales professionals understand real estate topics and ethics, so consumers are best served and protected. Like several other states, Florida requires anyone engaged in the business of real estate sales to obtain a license.

Real estate school is the first step

The Florida real estate license process includes an application, real estate courses and a state exam. The pre-license course is 63 hours of pre-licensing education that covers topics in real estate such as:

  • Real estate business
  • Licensing and regulation
  • Real property law and titles
  • Mortgage financing
  • Market analysis
  • and more

Successful completion of the course doesn’t just check an item off of a list; it prepares the student for passing the Real Estate Sales Associate Examination, and arms the student with helpful knowledge for their real estate career in the state of Florida.

63 hours of instruction may seem like a lot, but Florida allows individuals to complete the required coursework online. Here are four popular Florida real estate schools, ranked in ascending order.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan is a recognized leader in professional coursework and test administration. Its Florida offerings, however, aren’t provided directly. Instead, Kaplan refers customers seeking Florida Real Estate licensing education to RECampus and the Florida Real Estate Insitute. Available courses included exam prep drill and practice and professional development. Compared with the other options available, Kaplan offers the least amount of course customization, although its partnership with the Florida Real Estate Institute delivers over 40 years of real estate training experience.

Florida Real Estate School

This fully-accredited provider of online courses is known for its strong customer support, which prior students consider to be essential for guidance through the challenging world of real estate. Florida Real Estate School also received an award for the “Best Real Estate School” in the 2018 Student Choices Teaching Awards. But, in addition to great customer service, this online school offers comprehensive courses. Courses include pre-licensing for those qualified to be a broker right off the bat, post-licensing for career advancement, and continuing education to satisfy licensing requirements and keep sales professionals informed on changes in the law. Each plan of study offers chances to take a practice exam to learn where students may need extra study.

With 24-hour instructor support, Florida Real Estate School not only offers the flexibility of online courses but backs up the training with answers and guidance that keeps up with your schedule.

Real Estate Express

This provider offers a supportive learning platform with built-in tools to assist students during the course. While some online providers offer little more than exam-related content, Real Estate Express‘s Learning Management System (LMS) works like a virtual mentor, giving students an extra advantage for test success and a strong career as a real estate agent. Real Estate Express offers a “pass or you don’t pay” guarantee to help those who don’t pass on the first time. Beyond the final exam, the career hub supports job searching after licensing.

Customers rave about Real Estate Express, and since it’s been in the real estate education business for over 20 years, the company has helped over 350,000 begin or advance their real estate career. In particular, customers noted that the system encourages them to work at their own pace, which is especially helpful for those looking for a career change.

The CE Shop

While named for its robust selection of continuing education coursework, The CE Shop also offers pre-licensing and post-licensing courses on Florida real estate. It is one of the few online providers that list pass rates of its students. According to The CE Shop, 84% of students in its Florida licensing courses have passed. This is compared to the state-wide 50% pass rate. The CE Shop also enjoys a high customer satisfaction rate, with 96% of past course enrollees giving the provider a thumbs up.

According to The CE Shop, its prelicensing course can be completed in two weeks, if treated like a 40-hour workweek. The CE Shop offers various packages, too, depending on the level of support and content students require.  The Value and Premium Packages also include business building courses to help a real estate professional gain career success. The post-license course is the next step to becoming a real estate broker.

Because of its ease of use, support, packages, and transparency regarding pass rates, we believe The CE Shop is the premier provider of online Florida real estate licensing education courses. However, each of these providers offers quality courses with options and support. The best news is that in today’s world, those seeking to begin or advance a real estate career in Florida have choices, and the process of becoming a real estate salesperson has become easier thanks to online options.