Best Minnesota Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the field of real estate within the state of Minnesota you will want to make sure you find a college that fits your wants and needs while also giving you the tools, education, and experience you need to be successful. Here are 5 great programs to consider, highlighted and outlined here for you in no particular order:

1. Continuing Ed Express – Real Estate Program

Continuing Ed Express

  • Local instructors have decades of experience in real estate within the state of Minnesota and are prepared to teach a wide range of state-specific courses.
  • Continuing Ed Express Real estate staff experts are ready to help students maximize their education in a  challenging yet beneficial way in order to prepare them for the real world.
  • These courses are fresh, exclusive, and interesting and are designed to take a student from introductory level skills to a real estate professional by graduation.
  • No need to spend years on filler courses; take only the classes you need for real estate certification and licensing within the state of Minnesota.
  • Register for the program today, start at any time you are able to, and complete the entire course and certification on your schedule, taking as long as you need.

2. IREM Education


  • In IREM, Students are free to take a course online or in the classroom, and there are classes for all skill and experience levels within the real estate industry.
  • You will be given all the tools, training, education, guidance, and information you need to become a leading real estate expert in the state of Minnesota.
  • Sign up for workshops and training sessions in person or online through state-of-the-art webinars so you can learn on your time and in your way.
  • Work with experts in local real estate right from the start and learn the ins and outs of local laws, regulations, markets, industries, and customers.
  • You are free to focus on specific aspects of the real estate industry or maintain a general overview of the industry as a whole if that is what you prefer.

3. Kaplan Real Estate Education


  • Online OnDemand Courses give you the freedom to learn on your time when it is convenient for you and your schedule, giving you control of your education.
  • Live Classroom sessions are also available in Kaplan Real Estate Education to ensure you do not miss on valuable face to face interactions and discussions with instructors and peers.
  • Online Instruction brings the elements of a classroom setting and brings it into the comfort of your own home with specially design real estate programs.
  • Professional local real estate personnel lead classes and struct students in all program areas ensuring you are prepared for what real estate is like in the state.
  • A name many trust and reputation that proceeds the courses, this is a great opportunity to break into the ever-growing world of real estate in Minnesota.

4. St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University

  • Students can focus their education into a specific real estate niche such as sales, marketing, appraisal, financing, property management, insurance, and more
  • St. Cloud State University‘s coursework and hands on work are used to prepare students for real world situations in the field of real estate in the state of Minnesota.
  • Internships, membership in real estate groups, access to successful local agents helps bring course work to life and emphasizes real world applications.
  • Annual opportunity for pairing with a Real Estate alumni and the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one mentoring by experts within the profession.
  • A more in depth approach and a stringer understanding of local markets, laws, niches, trends, and cycles in order to prepare for a future career in real estate.

5. University of St. Thomas

University of St. Thomas

  • University of St. Thomas is a known and respected university in the state and proudly offers 2 Real Estate Degree programs students can choose from.
  • It’s a medium sized private university in a large city, giving students access to smaller class sizes within a thriving education and business market in the state.
  • Students are able to choose from focused majors including residential or commercial real estate, financing, inspection, construction, and many more.
  • All students get a general overview of key real estate topics such as law, local marketing, licensing requirements, and management.
  • High success rate for graduates of the St. Thomas program with many finding successful careers in real estate within the state of Minnesota.