Best Mississippi Real Estate Schools and Courses

If you live in Mississippi and want to get a real estate license, you’ll need to pass an exam. Before you do that, you’ll also need to take a course. But where should you do that? Here are five of the best courses and schools in Mississippi, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

1. Real Estate Training Institute

At Real Estate Training Institute, you can get a quality education in five different physical locations or online. Standard real estate licensing courses, broker licensing courses, and continuing education options are all available. There are also free exam reviews, exam tips, and other items offered by the school. When you take their courses, taking your real estate exam is included.

Whether you choose to learn online or in the classroom, you can get your schooling, take and pass your licensing test, and have access to a number of free resources along the way. It’s a great option for ease, convenience, and the ability to work through everything in one location.

2. Mississippi Realtors Institute

At the Mississippi Realtors Institute, you’ll get the benefit of a school that’s been working to educate people in the real estate industry since 1973. All of the instructors are professionals, with biographies listed on the school’s website. You can take classes online or in person, and you can choose from a wide variety of options. The school offers continuing education courses, along with real estate salesperson and broker courses.

Additionally, you can train to be a home inspector through this school. That’s a benefit that many other real estate schools don’t have. Whether you want to go to classes in a physical location or you’d rather learn at home, you’ll have the options you need here. You’ll also get study tools and a review for the state exam, so you’ll know if you’re prepared before you take the test.

3. Bob Brooks School

Bob Brooks School

Next on the list is the Bob Brooks School. This school offers both real estate and insurance courses online. It can help you with classes, continuing education, resources for pre-licensing exams, and more. Since it’s all offered online, it’s easy and convenient to get your real estate salesperson education. While you’ll have control over your own schedule, you’ll also have support to help you if there are confusing concepts or you have questions about the material you’re learning. The school has 48 years of experience in adult education, and includes all the reading materials in the price of the course.

4. Success Real Estate School

Success Real Estate School

Looking for success in the real estate world? Look no further than Success Real Estate School. The school has a number of physical locations throughout several states, as well as online options to consider. You can take a look at the calendar on the website to see if there’s a class near you at a convenient time. If not, you might want to explore the options for attending real estate classes online. That can be done conveniently, and on your schedule. Continuing education is also offered, and the school has years of experience teaching people how to get their real estate license.

5. Real Estate University

If you want to take classes for your first license, you need post-licensing classes, or you’re focused on continuing education, Real Estate University can help. It offers both weekend and online classes, so you can get the education you need and want at a time that’s convenient for you. If you’re in the Gulfport, MS area, a pre-licensing class is held every month. Living in other areas of the state won’t stop you from attending school here, though, with the online classes options that make getting your real estate license very convenient.

Ready to get your license and start selling real estate? Any one of these five schools can help you with online and in-person locations throughout Mississippi. No matter where in the state you live and what kind of career you have right now, you can get the classes you need for a real estate license. Then you can move toward a new career you can really enjoy and appreciate for the long term.