Best Missouri Real Estate Schools and Courses

We found you the top five real estate schools in Missouri, so you can get a quality education and pass your licensing exam. Whether you want to go to school in person or you’re looking for something online, there are options for you to choose from. Here are the schools to consider.

1. Career Education Systems

Since 1980, Career Education Systems has been dedicated to helping their students find the success they’re looking for in the real estate world. More than 100,000 students have been helped during that time, and you could be among the next group of students to get their real estate education. There are salesperson and broker licensing classes available, along with continuing education options and the opportunity to attend school online. For many busy people today, going to school online is far easier than attending in person. With so many options from this school, you can get the new career you want.

2. Real Estate School of the Ozarks

Real Estate School of the Ozarks

At Real Estate School of the Ozarks, you can get a Missouri real estate education in a way that works for you. Not only do they have broker and salesperson training, but they’re affiliated with a partner that offers online courses. If you want to learn real estate and appraisal, you need continuing education, or you’re just ready for a new career as a real estate salesperson, this school has what you’re looking for. Class times are convenient, and if you’d rather attend from the comfort of your own home you can get the same quality education that you’d get in the classroom. The choices are up to you.

3. KW Real Estate School KC

Attending school at KW Real Estate School Kansas City gives you the skills you need to become licensed as a real estate salesperson. Training Magazine has rated this school number one in the world, and it’s the largest one in the U.S. Class schedules are convenient, with options for day or night school. If you’re looking for individual tutoring, you can also get that here. You can learn from trained professionals, and get access to agents and their resources so you can learn even more about your new career. This school is classroom-based only, and doesn’t have online classes for real estate licensing.

4. Professional School of Real Estate

At Professional School of Real Estate, you can get a quality education as a real estate salesperson both online or in the classroom. Pre-examination and continuing education courses are also offered, so you can do everything in one place. From taking classes, to getting your license, to continuing your education to meet requirements, you can get it all from this school. If you start out online and decide you want to attend in person — or the other way around — you can easily switch between the two options. That helps ensure that you get the type of education that works best for your style of learning.

5. 1st Choice Real Estate School

1st Choice Real Estate School

Both courses and study aids are offered at 1st Choice Real Estate School. While there, you can get the education you need to get your license, or to meet continuing education guidelines. You can also take classes to become a licensed broker, or take a 24-hour practice course so you have the confidence to take the test and pass it the first time. If you’re a licensee from out of the state and you’re moving to Missouri, this school also offers the state licensing exam for people who aren’t residents. That’s helpful for people moving in, and also for those who live in another state but want to also sell real estate in Missouri.

No matter which of these great schools you choose, you can get the quality and value you deserve for your real estate education. It’s not always easy to decide on the school that will be right for you, but it’s good to have options. Whether you want to go to school online or you learn better in a classroom setting, there will be ways you can get the education you want and need to get your Missouri real estate license and start on a new career.