Best Nevada Real Estate Schools and Courses

Nevada has become the hottest market for residential and commercial real estate. Thus, it’s smart to have a number of schools available to study how to become a licensed real estate broker and take advantage of this growing industry.

When it comes to choosing the best real estate school, you must do extensive research before making a selection that fits within your course requirements. Often, real estate students want to attend a school that offers an exceptional curriculum in real estate licensing, continuing education in other real estate-related industries, broker licensing and test course preparation.

In Nevada, you have several options available to assist with gaining a lucrative, rewarding real estate career. Let’s try to showcase the best real estate schools and courses in Nevada. Choosing the right school is an important first step to your future in the real estate industry.

1. Key Realty School

Key Realty School

One of the more popular real estate schools in Nevada is the Key Realty School. Many believe it’s because of the curriculum and different styles of teaching offered. All students receive a class schedule that is conducive to their own personal commitments. All classroom meetings are designed to be simple and clear, so each student is ready to excel with their classmates. This is accomplished by providing them a textbook and binder filled with class notes, updated real estate vocabulary list, reference materials and practice quizzzes free of charge. All of these materials are excellent resources to help students pass their licensing exams. Also, Key Realty School offers job placement to their students as many of the positions are contingent upon them passing their licensing exams.

2. The Real Estate School of Nevada

The Real Estate School of Nevada

The Real Estate School of Nevada is one of the longest-running schools in the state. Past students have built solid careers in the real estate industry that has changes their lives forever for the better. Each new student is guarantee assistance in learning pre-licensing, post-licensing and other continuing real estate education courses. All of the coursework and classroom meetings are designed to fit around any person’s busy schedule as each student can choose from live or online instructon. All online content can be accessed through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plus, all students can gain access whenever and wherever they like to study.

3. The ABC Real Estate School

ABC Real Estate School

Established in 1996, the ABC Real Estate School is one of the leading institutions in Nevada. Most of the teachers hold a brokerage license in multiple states and have been involved in the Nevada real estate industry for over 30 years. Each student receives online access to their study materials, an updated version of all real estate terminology, other class notes and multiple practice quizzes. All of the materials provided is designed to assist a student with passing the Nevada real estate licensing exam. The course curriculum allows students to study at their own pace, which allows them to absorb the materials better. Teachers are available to answer questions during office hours set according to their own schedule.

4. Avalon School of Real Estate

Avalon School of Real Estate

If you’re looking for great insight and some guidance in how the real estate industry functions, then begin your studies at the Avalon School of Real Estate. The curriculum provided offers the right type of education to excel inside a real estate office. It’s a comprehensive course program that guarantees a student to feel confident heading into a licensing exam. Past student’s testimonials profess the belief that investing your time in the program will provide all a rich future in the real estate industry. This aids well for those living in Nevada as the real estate market is rich.

5. UNLV Four-Year Real Estate Program

University of Nevada Las Vegas

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas offers two real estate degree programs. To pursue either major, a student must fulfill the school’s academic requirements outside of their major area of study. The curriculum is under the umbrella of the UNLV College of Business Studies. The courses provided will help students to pass their real estate licensing exams. Some of the more popular courses taken are in the area of real estate development, which helps students to learn more about how environmental, economic and legal issues adds to the land development industry.