Best New Jersey Real Estate Schools and Courses

Getting your New Jersey real estate license can mean getting started on a great new career. But before you’re ready to take that test, you need to work your way through a licensing course. Then you can be prepared for the questions you’ll be asked, so you can get your license and start practicing your craft. With any of the five schools listed here, you’ll get a quality education you can rely on as you prepare for your state exam.

1. Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy

As a  valuable source of education for real estate, Elite Advantage Real Estate Academy has a lot to offer. They go beyond basic requirements for passing the state exam and receiving a license, to give their students more to work with when they start their careers. Classes are in-person only, and there are four different locations throughout New Jersey. By giving students the opportunity to learn in a real-world, in-person environment, students are able to ask questions and get the quality education they deserve. That can help them prepare, and have a higher chance of passing the licensing test on the first try.

2. The Real Estate School

At The Real Estate School, students have two different learning locations to choose from. All courses are taught in the classroom, without an option for online learning. This gives students the chance to interact with their instructor and other students on a one-on-one basis, and can help ensure that all concepts in the course are clearly understood. This school has been helping students succeed since 1976, and offers a set schedule of courses that are guaranteed to run, even if only one person signs up. Students can rely on the course schedule and information taught by the school’s instructors.

3. Connection School of Real Estate

When a student enrolls at Connection School of Real Estate, they get access to an online learning portal and textbook as a part of their course. There are two different locations to choose from, so attending the course is more convenient. The learning portal offers lifetime access, allowing students to return to their course material for a refresher at any time. Additionally, there is a mobile app offered for real estate math and terminology to help students get through the course and continue to succeed once they have passed that course. Both a salesperson and broker course are offered by this school.

4. Central Jersey School of Real Estate, LLC

Getting an education through Central Jersey School of Real Estate, LLC means getting quality, value, and convenience. There are both day and evening classes, so you can attend whenever is easiest for you. There is a two-week licensing course offered, along with the help and support you need to succeed. Interacting with the instructor and other students in a classroom setting means you can more easily digest the material, and can get your questions answered quickly if anything is confusing. There are no online options offered through the school.

5. Best School of Real Estate

At Best School of Real Estate, students learn in a classroom setting where they can get questions answered and address any concerns they have about the material. The school offers pre-licensing courses for brokers and salespeople, as well as continuing education courses. Career advancement seminars and private coaching sessions are also provided for real estate agents. There are evening and day courses offered, in order to give students the education they need at days and times that work for their schedule. The school also offers a course on recession real estate and distressed property.

With so many options for real estate schools in New Jersey, there’s sure to be one that will work for you. Most of these schools have in-person classes only, as getting licensing education through online means is far less common in this state. With the stringent requirements the state has, it is often safer to attend classes in person and fully absorb all the material that will need to be retained for the test. However you decide to get your real estate education for New Jersey licensing, though, there are many great schools to choose from.