Best New Mexico Real Estate Schools and Courses

The real estate field is a rapidly growing and changing industry. For this reason, there are a lot of people who are looking to get involved in this industry in New Mexico. Those who are looking to earn a real estate license in New Mexico should rely on an exceptional school to get them ready for a career in this field.

1. The Mesa Real Estate Institute

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The Mesa Real Estate Institute is one of the top real estate schools in the state of New Mexico, providing in-person classes. This school offers classes that will help someone earn both their initial license as well as accomplish various continuing education requirements. This school is known for working hard to make sure that all of its coursework remains up to date as the industry changes quickly. Furthermore, this school also goes the extra mile and allows individuals to take courses that will allow them to become a broker. They even offer classes in real estate electives. The class is known for tailoring its courses to meet the needs of its students without breaking the bank. For this reason, the Mesa Real Estate Institute has become one of the top real estate schools in the state of New Mexico.

2. Lou’s Professional Education Services

Another option for real estate education in the state of New Mexico is called Lou’s Professional Education Services. This office is located in Albuquerque; however, people also have the option of taking the various classes online. This program has already been highly recommended by countless successful real estate agents because the teacher tailors the coursework to be applicable in a real-world setting. This allows the students to not only prepare for the licensing exam but also prepare for a long and successful career in real estate. The classes are reasonably priced and cater to individuals who¬†are both trying to earn their licenses for the first time as well as those looking to complete continuing education requirements.

3. The Real Estate Institute of Las Cruces

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This is a real estate school that creates courses drawing on instructors that have decades of experience in the industry. While this institute is based out of Las Cruces, the school also allows people to take their classes online, meaning that people can earn their licenses from anywhere. This office offers classes both in the pre-licensing area for those looking to earn their initial license in addition to courses that are necessary for people to maintain their licenses. The classes are taught by highly experienced teachers who will help students prepare for the licensing exam as well as their career in real estate.

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education in New Mexico


Almost everyone is familiar with Kaplan, as they are one of the leading names in higher education. They also offer courses in real estate that will help everyone earn their license in the state of New Mexico. They offer courses both online and in-person, even though their in-person courses are going to be a little bit more expensive. From the date of purchase, individuals will have six months of access to the course materials, which should be more than enough time for people to work their way through the required classes. Those who are looking to pass the exam for the first time will enjoy a high success rate with this battle-tested educational organization.

5. Van Educational School

Van Educational School

Van Educational School is well-respected across the country as one of the top real estate schools in the country. They have an office in New Mexico; however, all of their classes are offered through an online portal, so students can complete the work from the comfort of their own home. They offer the required pre-licensing coursework in addition to courses that are dedicated to exam prep and classes that will help agents complete their continuing education requirements. The courses have been tailored to help students pass the exam in as little time as possible. This school has a tremendous amount of experience in helping countless students earn their real estate license in New Mexico and has instructors that are available both by phone and email.