Best North Carolina Real Estate Schools and Courses

With the number of North Carolina real estate schools available, it can be hard to know which one to choose for your education. Fortunately, we’ve listed the top five right here. You can get a good education so you can pass your real estate licensing test.

1. Superior School of Real Estate

Superior School of Real Estate

At Superior School of Real Estate, you can get an education recommended by a high number of brokers who take their continuing education credits there. Laugh and learn along with Bill Gallagher and other great instructors, who are dedicated to making learning fun. The school has a high pass rate of 75% for the state exam, as well, so you know you’ll be getting a great chance of a new career on the first try. Whether you’re young and just starting out, or a senior looking for a new career, you can get the education you want, need, and deserve at this school.

2. J.Y. Monk Real Estate School

J.Y. Monk Real Estate School

Students who attend the J.Y. Monk Real Estate School can get more than what’s offered at a lot of other schools. For example, the school offers all the standard classes for salespeople and brokers, along with continuing education courses. But it also offers education for contractors, appraisers, and home inspectors. Additionally, it’s powered by — and affiliated with — Kaplan Learning, so you can get continuing education in accounting, insurance, and a lot more than just real estate. If you’re just trying to get your real estate license that might not be important, but if you decide to expand your career it’s nice to have options.

3. Carolina School of Real Estate

If you’re looking for pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses all in one place, you can find what you’re looking for at Carolina School of Real Estate. You can also get online courses there, so you don’t have to spend time in the classroom to get ready to take your licensing exam. The school offers classes for both salespeople and brokers, giving students the chance to advance their careers in the future if they want to move from being salespeople to passing the broker test. If you want to take the salesperson licensing course in person, there are weekend and evening courses that can fit your schedule.

4. The NC Real Estate School

At The NC Real Estate School, you can get online options, along with evening classes for pre-licensing and post-licensing educational needs. If you’re already an agent, you can study to be a broker. If you haven’t yet become an agent, you may be looking for a new career. Everyone from those who are just starting out to seniors who may have already retired but want to stay active can study to be real estate agents. Courses are offered in the evenings, so they won’t interfere with a day job or other obligations. Of course, getting the knowledge you need online can also be a good choice for those with busy or unpredictable schedules.

5. Dream Weaver School of Real Estate

Dream Weaver School of Real Estate

Following your dreams of being a real estate agent is important. With Dream Weaver School of Real Estate, you can head out confidently in the direction of those dreams. The school offers pre-licensing and post-licensing options, along with continuing education courses on a convenient schedule. There are no online courses, and everything is classroom-based. For those who learn well in that environment, attending class in a physical location can be the right choice. It helps to emphasize concepts and makes the overall learning experience more interactive and complete. That can lead to a higher pass rate when taking the test.

Can’t decide which school to choose? They’re all good options, depending on your physical location and whether you want to take classes in the classroom or online. Some people prefer to stay home and get through their coursework on a time frame that works for them. Others want the interactive experience of being in the classroom with other people. Both can work very well, and it’s up to you which one feels right. No matter which school you choose, though, you’re sure to get a quality real estate education.